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An Introduction

One Willow Therapeutics specialise in Raynor, sports, deep tissue and pregnancy massage.


Your massage will relieve tension first and foremost, we will address points that need focused attention for you to feel better. Taken over a continued course, massage can be a great adjunct to other therapy and will help alleviate many long-standing issues.


While massage has been around for thousands of years as one of the oldest treatments, it is great that our society is taking health seriously and believe in the proven benefits. From focusing on improving flexibility, relieving tension to emphasising lymphatic drainage, there is always a benefit from having massage therapy.

Massages can help in many ways, for example in the following:

•     Adhesions and fascia scar tissue

•     Insomnia

•     Anxiety, stress and PTSD

•     Tension Head aches

•     Chronic Fatigue syndrome

•     Fibromyalgia

•     Frozen Shoulder

•     Multiple Sclerosis

•     Tendonitis

•     Ankylosing Spondylitis

•     Improve posture

•     Improve mobility and flexibility

•     Resolve Sciatica

•     Thoracic Spondylosis

•     Carpal tunnel syndrome

•     Osteoarthritis

•     Muscle spasms

•     Fibromyalgia

•     Relieve chronic pain

•     Lower blood pressure


Wellness and Relaxation

Even for the healthiest person, massage offers major benefits such as:

    •      Calming the central nervous system

    •      Increasing circulation

    •      Elongating tight muscles

    •      Reducing stress

    •      Eliminating toxins from the tissues

    •      Boosting immunity


For those who work in a highly-stressful environment or have daily activities that risk causing repetitive-motion injuries or postural issues, weekly or fortnightly sessions might be best. It is widely accepted that the best results of regular massage are from cumulative treatment, so spacing sessions too far apart might leave you back at square one every time.

Guided meditation and mindfulness can be a complementary add-on for the deep tissue therapy - resulting in a greater result of benefits both mentally and physically


Optimal Athletic Performance


For athletes, massage can both enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury, this is by balancing muscle groups and increasing joint mobility.


One Willow works with the athlete’s training requirements, knowing how to treat the inflammation and injury from specific sports that often occur. Zoe has experience in treating these issues and the often longer process of lengthening contracted muscles and releasing myofascial adhesions - athletes may need more sessions to stay in peak performance.


For the sports person, it depends on your training schedule and whether or not you have chronic muscle issues, to which we can tailor massage within your required training period and goals. 


Sports and deep tissue treatment benefits athletes and general training by:

   •      Speeding recovery from acute injury.

   •      Reducing the likelihood of injury and increasing overall performance with flexibility and             released areas of concern.

   •      Speeding muscle recovery from resistance training (DOMS)

   •      Recovery from endurance events

   •      Rotator cuff injury

   •      Shin splint syndrome

   •      Plantaar Fasciitis


N.B. Never schedule deep tissue massage less than five days before a big event, like a marathon because deep tissue work can cause soreness and changes in body mechanics that can throw you off your game. 


Pain Management


Overly contracted muscles from ageing, activities or imbalanced musculature by skeletal positioning often cause chronic pain, from migraine to sciatica.


In general, we begin by approaching the whole body with deep tissue massage to rebalance. Then we focus on the bands and linear correlations in the body that will affect the area of pain, so as to find immediate relief. 

Most people find that they need more frequent sessions to start, slowly decreasing frequency as their muscles elongate and the body readjusts. We gradually incorporate specific attention with shorter sessions as part of followup.  


Raynor Massage


Raynor massage has been long developed by Naturopath Brandon Raynor, who spent many years fully immersing himself to attuning the skills from each culture’s therapy.

Raynor massage incorporates elements of Ayurvedic massage, Chinese medicine, reflexology, Shiatsu and yoga breathe work to make deep . The practice follows the concept of bands of energy, lines of connection throughout the body; an East Asian theory that our bodies conduct through meridians, lines, or bands, which anatomically follow in suit through tendons, nerves, ligaments and of course, the musculature.


Deep tissue and sports massage, is attending to the muscle and focusing on relief of tension and any residing adhesions on the fascia. Both are designed for areas of imbalance, tension and injury or pain.

One Willow Therapeutics’ practice will incorporate all elements for a deep tissue and full body massage - required to be given at a strong pressure to be effective. The pressure is based on the client’s tolerance and feedback for their optimal result.

The session includes work on the back, hands, feet, neck, head, face and legs (though areas can be left out entirely or focused on more, dependant on the client).

Most important of all, is that you get a massage that achieves optimal results and ultimately makes you feel better in the long term - my practice will work with you to create a treatment plan that you are happy with.

One Willow Therapeutics

"There's nothing more important than our good health - that's our principal capital asset".

Arlen Specter